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From Cork to New York - Samantha Barry
Posted: 20/10/2021
By: Daniela Liebing

The power of challenging your fears (professionally).


We all can learn from Samantha Barry, men and women alike, but as a voice for women in business it is the female workforce (who may have found themselves stuck in a rut professionally) Samantha likely has the most impact on.

The 8th Editor-in-Chief since Glamour was founded in 1939, openly talks about her controversial appointment, having had no prior experience in the world of magazines and fashion. She recalls feeling nervous and uncertain whether she should accept the offer for the position, but as a true warrior she decided to challenge her fears and go for it. And, we know what happened next. Today she finds herself in the company of former first lady Michelle Obama and graces red carpets in stunning fashion, like recently at the Met Gala – an exclusive ‘invite only’ event.

The DCU graduate & Cork native’s story is reminiscent of a fairy-tale. From working as a reporter in Newstalk and RTÉ, as well as BBC World News, to the head of social media at CNN, to a Devil’s Wears Prada position – only more approachable and far more compassionate. But the fairy-tale would have not become a reality for Samantha Barry if she had not inhabited that fearless, determined and passionate drive as well as mindset.

Due to London Speaker Bureau Ireland’s providing the powerhouse of a woman to the Executive Institute’s webinar “In conversation with Samantha Barry… Being Fearless!" I recently had the pleasure to experience Samantha speak live and I was glued to every one of her words and advice offered. Advice that comes from a place of experience, one that chronicles the struggles women still face in business as part of a man’s world and how to promote yourself by being intrepid and recognising your self-worth. To say that it was inspirational is an understatement. I walked away from the talk (or shut my laptop in this instance) empowered. Samantha’s words resonated with me, when she talked about going outside of your job-spec, trying new things and apply yourself as a valuable employee to the team by being proactive and self-motivated. Only then can you learn about your own strength and not yet discovered abilities. Fear should never get in your way – you might fail at one thing but there is always a chance you will make up for it with an even better & bigger opportunity. One has to believe in themselves and be courageous to achieve your professional aim.

Samantha Barry is a woman of charm, smarts, savvy and focus. A role model to young women who are just about to kickstart their career and it is a credit to Samantha that she takes the time, uses her voice to share her stories and educates along the way on diversity and empowerment.

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