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Sabina Brennan

Dr Sabina Brennan, neuroscientist and Irish Times No 1 best-selling author, is on a mission to get you looking after your brain as routinely as you brush your teeth.

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Sabina Brennan

Dr Sabina Brennan, neuroscientist and Irish Times No 1 best-selling author, is on a mission to get you looking after your brain as routinely as you brush your teeth.


Neuroscientist (PhD) and health psychologist (C.Psychol.,PsSI.) Dr Sabina Brennan is an accomplished, inspiring and entertaining, motivational speaker who specialises in translating complex, cutting-edge, neuroscience into everyday language to show how anyone can harness their brain power to navigate challenge, build resilience and optimise performance.



Sabina’s books Beating Brain Fog (Orion Spring 2021) and 100 Days to a Younger Brain (2019) are both Irish Times No 1 bestsellers. Brain Gym: 40 Workouts to Boost Your Brain Health (Laurence King Publishing) will be published in March 2023 and The Neuroscience of Manifesting (Orion Spring) will be published in 2024.


The Super Brain Podcast hosted by Sabina, has featured as an Apple ‘New and Noteworthy Podcasts' and frequently features in various top ten podcast lists in Ireland and elsewhere. Sabina regularly offers neuroscientific and psychological insights on a variety of topics on radio, TV, as a podcast guest and in the press both nationally and internationally and has given hundreds of talks on a variety of topics to corporate clients, government bodies and NGOs


Sabina’s mission to get everyone looking after their brain health as routinely as they brush their teeth has won her awards in recognition of the societal impact of her work and for her contribution to STEM communication including SFI’s inaugural science communication award. She was listed as one of Image magazine’s Women of the Year (2018).  Two Irish books; ‘The Day That Changed My Life: Inspirational Stories from Irish Women (Black and White Publishing, 2019) and A Day in May, Real Lives, True Stories (Irish Academic Press – 2016) include chapters about Sabina.


Dr Brennan directed a dementia research program at Trinity College for seven years and also led Brain Fit, a large-scale research study examining the relationship between brain health, lifestyle, genomics and dementia risk at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland’s premier university.


Dr Brennan is a passionate advocate for brain health and a voice for the needs of individuals with neurological conditions. She represents Ireland on the Scientific and Medical Advisory Panel for Alzheimer’s Disease International and volunteers on several committees and advisory boards. She has advised the Irish Government & the All Party Parliamentary Group on Longevity in the UK on brain health, dementia risk reduction and ageing well.



Talk Topics


  • Wake up to Brain Health the best investment you’ll ever make.
  • Beating Brain Fog – Rituals to Restore, Reset and Revive your Brain
  • Understanding and treating brain fog in peri-menopause and menopause
  • Understanding and treating brain fog in Long Covid
  • Use your brain to build resilience, welcome challenge and embrace change
  • The neuroscience of mental health
  • Why your brain needs sleep & how to sleep well
  • Stress and the brain – find your stress sweet spot
  • Physical and mental exercise to optimise brain performance
  • Nourish your brain – diet, nutrition and the gut-brain axis.
  • The neuroscience of manifesting
  • You are your brain – explore ‘self ‘, ‘authenticity’ and ‘neurodiversity’.
  • Addiction and the human brain


Pervious Clients:

Corporate: Accenture, Alltech, Auto-desk, Bank of Ireland, Birketts, Chapter Two, Close Bros. DK Ireland, Dentons, Dropbox,  Ernst and Young, Flying High Academy, Hidden Hearing, Indeed, Merk, Novartis, One-4-All, PA Consulting, Platinum Partners, Quintiles, Santander, Science Foundation Ireland, Wayfair, We Work, Weir, XPS Pensions Group and Zevo,

Government: Alcohol Forum, Dept of Foreign Affairs (Irish Government), Irish Development Authority, Science Foundation Ireland, The Scottish Care Inspectorate, National Adult Literacy Association, County Councils (various), Health Service Executive,

NGOs: Alone, Age and Opportunity, Alzheimer’s Society, European Multiple Sclerosis Platform, Migraine Society of Ireland, MS Ireland, Sjogrens Ireland, University of the Third age.

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