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Alex Staniforth

Record-breaking adventurer, ultra-endurance athlete, motivational speaker, published author and mental health charity founder.

Specialist Subjects
Resilience through Adversity
Embracing Uncertainty
Fear of Failure
Proactive Well-being
Growth Mindset
Alex Staniforth

Record-breaking adventurer, ultra-endurance athlete, motivational speaker, published author and mental health charity founder.


At just 26, Alex Staniforth is no stranger to overcoming challenges, having survived the two biggest disasters in Mount Everest history as a teenager. His biggest challenges have been much closer to home however, suffering with epilepsy, stammering, bullying and mental ill health since childhood.


Alex is a now a record-breaking adventurer, published author, charity founder and motivational keynote speaker in the UK and internationally - despite a lifelong stammer. He shares a relatable vulnerability in the world of extreme adventure and ultra endurance, to help individuals connect with their own challenges and enable positive conversations about mental health.


In 2017 Alex became the fastest person ever to climb all 100 UK county tops by bike, foot and kayak, covering over 5,000 miles in 72 days. He has raised over £120,000 for charities, carried the London 2012 Olympic Torch and won Pride of Britain Fundraiser of the Year in 2017. He published his first book Icefall in 2016, endorsed by Bear Grylls, and his second title Another Peak in 2019.

In 2020 he co-founded Mind Over Mountains, a national charity to restore mental well-being through nature and ran the National Three Peaks Challenge, climbing and running 452 miles between the UK’s three highest peaks in just 9 days.


High performance isn't sustainable without positive well-being. Alex has already helped organisations including Rolls-Royce Submarines, Bank of America, Shoosmiths, FedEx, Smurfit Kappa, Reckitt Benckiser, Heineken and the NHS to build the tools and mindset to embrace challenges, maintain positive mental health, and stay motivated during times of adversity and change.





  • Re-defining Success: why staying at Base Camp kills our potential

    Is fear of failure keeping your team stuck at Base Camp? We’re constantly striving for the next big target, but this linear approach to success only leaves us vulnerable to the inevitable shocks along the way. A near-death experience on Mount Everest brings home why staying in our respective Base Camp stops us achieving our full potential – and might even kill us. From the avalanche debris beneath his feet, Alex will share how sometimes not achieving our goals can teach us more than achieving them, and why failure is just another opportunity to win. Alex will share a journey of commitment, ownership and innovation to raise over £35,000 in sponsorship as a teenager, and re-defining our idea of success to help us achieve more.

  • Key takeaways:


    Adopt a growth mindset to discover opportunities in adversity

    Re-define success to overcome fear of failure and encourage innovation

    Why commitment is key to high achievement

    Defining our purpose to maintain motivation and focus

    The Adventure Mindset: how to embrace the unexpected

    How do we stay motivated and productive when the summit is out of view? Challenges are inevitable, both in the mountains and the meeting room. Adventure teaches us to deal with the unexpected, make tough decisions, adapt the plan and draw from our strengths. Being prepared can help us not only survive the storm but take advantage of the opportunities and keep moving forwards when the path is unclear. In this keynote, Alex will share the tools in his ‘Resilience Rucksack’ to help us embrace an adventure mindset, support each other and forge a path through the unknown: one small step at a time. Why settle for Base Camp?

  • Key takeaways:


    Adopt an adventure mindset to reframe setbacks and discover opportunities

    How to build and sustain motivation during times of change

    Committing to the goal, but staying flexible in our approach

    Supporting each other to achieve a common goal

    Celebrating the milestones to keep moving forwards

    One Small Step: how to beat burnout and go the distance

    As we emerge from the pandemic, living in survival mode and uncertainty for so long has depleted our mental health, eroded the boundaries between work and home, and created an ‘always on’ culture that undermines positive well-being habits. From his record-breaking ultra-marathons and personal lived experience, Alex shares proactive strategies to help us prevent, recognise and recover from burnout, one small step at a time. We will explore the stress bucket, boundaries, coping mechanisms and why resilience is about recharging, not enduring. There is no vaccine for burnout – and high performance is only sustainable if we look after ourselves and our team first.


    Key takeaways:


    Why helping others starts with ourselves

    The causes of internal and external burnout recognise the warning signs of burnout and how to take action building a proactive approach to physical and mental well-being learn from the competition, whilst focusing on our strengths

    Invisible Mountains: opening the conversation on mental health

    Adventure and sport are often seen as a pinnacle of strength and invulnerability. In this keynote, Alex will share his honest personal lived experiences of depression, anxiety and eating disorders to break down the common stigmas and myths, particularly in men. Alex will share the importance of building coping mechanisms and how spending time in nature, or the ‘Natural Health Service’, has been key to managing his well-being, and how we can all harness the benefits. We will explore the power of vulnerability, authentic conversations and the positive multiplier effect to build an open mental health culture: ultimately building a happier and more productive team. As leaders, we have to start by putting our hand up first.


    Key takeaways:

    Manage the stress bucket to maintain positive well-being

    Why asking for help creates a positive multiplier effect

    How to listen well and support others who may be struggling the power of vulnerability to build an open mental health culture

    Building psychological safety to reduce presenteeism and sickness

    This can be delivered specifically for managers and leaders for the benefit of their team, or the individuals within it.



  • “Your session was fantastic and the content still buzzing around the room today. Lasting memory and something I will take back to practice ‘just think what we can achieve if we pull in the same direction’ – inspired!”

    Kay Mulcahy, National Chair, HEFMA Leadership Forum 2022


    “Alex’s ability to quickly grasp the messages specific to the team and our business and then weave this into his delivery was impressive. His authentic and humble articulation enabled there to be something in the messaging for everyone.”

    Jonathan Ford, Off Trade Director, Heineken UK


    “You brought together a large and varied audience of different roles, ranks and departments, and gave them the platform to step out of work, devote time to their own mental health, offering perspective and techniques they can go away and use. Sometimes the approach to mental health within organisations as big and cumbersome as ours can feel a bit of a tick box, superficial exercise, but your sessions felt very different, very real, very humble and very authentic. In my view, you will have made a bigger difference than you may think or ever know.”

    Chris Mead, Chief Superintendent Cambridgeshire Police


    “Alex delivered a virtual motivational speech via Skype to circa 150 leaders in our business. The event was very well received with many leaders commenting on the relevance of Alex’s journey to our challenges and since the event several leaders have linked back to Alex’s content – describing their “resilience rucksack” and the question “are you pulling on the rope?” has entered our lexicon. I was particularly impressed with the preparation and tailoring Alex was able to do to make the message even more pertinent to our business – it was a truly inspirational session.”

    Robert Neale, GM, Core Manufacture, Rolls-Royce Submarines


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