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Steven Laureys

Internationally renowned Neurologist and bestselling Author

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Steven Laureys

Internationally renowned Neurologist and bestselling Author


Prof Dr Steven Laureys MD PhD FEAN, is an internationally renown Belgian neurologist, brain science populiser and bestselling author. He is recognized worldwide for his expertise in the study of consciousness in severe brain damage and coma. Patients are being admitted to his expert centre from all over Europe. Laureys has published over 500 scientific papers and 12 books.

He is the founding director of the "Coma Science Group" (2006) and of the  "GIGA Consciousness Research Unit" (2014) of the University of Liège. In 2019 he founded the "Brain² Clinic” at the University Hospital of Liège, specialised in taking care of altered states of consciousness and cognition.

His scientific & clinical teams explore the human mind in health and disease. Using the latest brain scans and wearable technologies they study the workings of the mind in coma, near-death experiences, concussion, anaesthesia, hypnosis, meditation, trance and dreamlike states. 

Prof. Steven Laureys is a former president of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness. He founded and currently chairs the World Federation of Neurology and European Academy of Neurology Research Groups on coma and disorders of consciousness. 
Since 2012 Laureys is Research Director at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research.

He has authored several best-selling popular books.
Steven is highly appreciated for his very entertaining, dynamic and interactive keynote speeches where he makes accessible the difficult concepts of the workings of the brain and where he builds bridges between the latest neuroscientific insights and their application to the workplace.
As a top-scientist and clinical neurologist he applies neuroscience to the business practice including neuro-economics (human decision making), neuro-ergonomics (work performance and wellbeing at work), creativity, teamwork & leadership (empathy, compassion, stress).

As an active member of the Human Brain Project, aiming to model the human mind on supercomputers, he explains how human intelligence and creativity differs from AI and neuro-robotics.

Given his didactic qualities he regularly appears in the media (CNN, BBC, 5 TEDx, Time magazine, Le Monde, L'Obs, ARTE, …)
Steven also played his own role as a neurologist in several documentaries and movies: Return from the dead (National Geographic), Julia's heart (The Netherlands), Un monde plus grand (France).

As an expert on the workings of the human mind, Prof. Steven Laureys regularly was invited to discuss the latest scientific insights with numerous world leaders, royalties, but also the Pope John Paul II and the Dalai Lama. 
He has received many international awards including from the US Society of Cognitive Neuroscience, US Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, German Max Planck Society, European Academy of Neurology and European Academy of Sciences.


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