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Professor Jerry Kaplan

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

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Professor Jerry Kaplan

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur


Jerry Kaplan is a Silicon Valley veteran best known for his key role in defining the tablet computer industry.  
Kaplan founded several technology companies, two of which became public companies. Kaplan was founder and CEO of GO Corporation, and prior to GO, Kaplan co-founded Teknowledge, one of the first artificial intelligence companies to commercialise Expert Systems.  In 1994, Kaplan then co-founded Onsale, the world's first Internet auction website, which went public in 1997.  In 2004, he pioneered the emerging market for social games by starting Winster.com, where he served as CEO for eight years. 
Kaplan is currently a Fellow at The Center for Legal Informatics at Stanford University Law School. He also teaches Social and Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence as a Visiting Lecturer in Stanford's top-ranked Computer Science Department. He is an inventor on more than a dozen patents. 
Kaplan is the author of three books, including the best-selling classic Startup: A Silicon Valley Adventure.  Humans Need Not Apply: A Guide to Wealth and Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence was honoured by The Economist as one of the top ten science and technology books of 2015. His latest book, Artificial Intelligence: What Everyone Needs to Know was a 2016 Amazon #1 best seller.

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