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Prof Henrik Scharfe

CEO, Foundation Autonomous

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Prof Henrik Scharfe

CEO, Foundation Autonomous


Researcher, strategist, global thinker, keynote speaker, Henrik Scharfe is currently CEO of Foundation Autonomous.

The Foundation is the natural result of extensive work on developing strategies for disruptive technologies at the Municipality of Vesthimmerland, Denmark.

From 1999 – 2015 he was employed by Aalborg U as PhD fellow, Assistant, Associate, and full Professor. From 2008-14, he has served as founding Director of Center for Computer-mediated Epistemology at AAU. His diverse career includes contributions to seemingly distinct research areas such as: Narratology, AI / Knowledge Representation, Persuasive Design, Human Centered Robotics, and Research Infrastructures.

The common denominator in these efforts is his determination to understand different aspects of human understanding, specifically how technology influences the way we think about ourselves and our world. Scharfe has served as reviewer, editorial member, and advisor to governments and research councils in equally diverse fields.

Scharfe gained global attention with the Geminoid-DK project. The ultra-realistic android, modeled in the professor’s likeness, has startled millions of people around the world. This work has earned the Professor a reputation as a passionate international speaker, and influencer of many.

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