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Nicklas Bergman

Tech investor and futurist

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Tech Disruption
Artificial Intelligence
Quantum Computing
Digital Era
Nicklas Bergman

Tech investor and futurist


Nicklas Bergman is an entrepreneur and technology investor who focuses on investments and business development in instrumentation, nanotechnology, computing, new materials and new media art.
Bergman aims to understand where technology is taking us and if we are ready for the upcoming tech storm. His primary interests are currently AI, predictive analytics, new media art and quantum computing.
Bergman advises on the topics of technology, strategy, agility and business transformation. He is strategic advisor to European Commissioner Carlos Moedas and the European Innovation Council, working on a new innovation strategy for Europe.  He is also Scandinavian representative of the TechCast Technology Think Tank in Washington DC.
As a writer, he is interested in the merger of technology, society and business. In 2016 he published a book on how to deal with new technologies from a business perspective: "Surviving the Tech Storm - Strategy in Times of Technological Uncertainty". In 2018, he published his latest book "Navigating the Tech Storm, the business impact of technology beyond the hype".

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