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Keith Barry

Brain Hacker, Motivational Speaker & Thought Leader

Specialist Subjects
Transform Your Team
Energise Your Team
Delve Into Your Inner Potential
Learn To Read And Understand People
Build Genuine Connections
Keith Barry

Brain Hacker, Motivational Speaker & Thought Leader


Keith’s captivating keynotes delve into an array of cutting-edge techniques that effortlessly embed a champion mindset and foster unwavering mental toughness deep within the subconscious.


In an engaging fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, Keith’s keynotes showcase mind-bending mentalism demonstrations that leave audiences spellbound. Yet, amidst the astonishment, the core corporate message remains firmly at the forefront, ensuring a seamless integration of inspiration and business acumen.


As your employees and delegates immerse themselves in the experience, they will learn the art of programming their goals and targets at a profound level, empowering them to shatter barriers and embrace their true potential.


Keith’s approach is anything but one-sizefits-all. He partners with you and your team to craft a truly bespoke experience, tailored to your specific needs and objectives. This collaboration guarantees an event that not only amazes and educates but also leaves a lasting impact on everyone in attendance.


Beyond his captivating keynotes, Keith has an impressive track record of working with renowned CEOs and world-class athletes, such as Olympic badminton player Scott Evans and former Ireland rugby captain Rory Best. Together, they have redefined the concept of the impossible, achieving feats once thought beyond reach.





• Transform you and your team’s mindset from impossible to ‘I’m Possible’. • Neurologically shift from ordinary to extraordinary.

• Discover Keith’s formula for success: (W+MA) x SATT= GS.




• Energise your team to improve employee engagement.

• Dramatically motivate attendees to achieve world class results.

• Create a culture where employees will consistently stay motivated.




• Delve into your inner potential to unleash the guiding force of true leadership.

• Weave the Tapestry of Connection: Learn how to use storytelling and authentic communication to forge unbreakable bonds of trust and inspiration.

• Discover actionable strategies essential for guiding your team to success.




• Learn to read and understand people’s non-verbal cues, empowering you to communicate effectively and influence others positively on a subconscious level.

• Know what your customer or colleague is thinking without them saying a single word!

• Build genuine connections: Through Keith’s expert guidance, individuals will discover the power of non-verbal rapport-building, fostering authentic connections with others and creating a lasting impact in their interactions.


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