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Clement Kao

Founder of Product Teacher

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Clement Kao

Founder of Product Teacher


Clement Kao is Founder of Product Teacher, a product management education company. Product Teacher offers self-paced courses, career coaching, corporate training, and other PM professional development services. Through Product Teacher, Clement has led product management workshops for product teams, coached professionals from hundreds of companies, and crafted nearly a dozen PM courses.


His work has been leveraged by product leaders at fast-growing startups as well as the biggest names in tech: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Netflix, Twitter, Airbnb, Tesla, PayPal, Box, Zoom, Adobe, Uber, Lyft, Salesforce, Reddit, eBay, Hulu, Brex, Spotify, and more. Clement has also served as a keynote speaker for leading companies like Fidelity and Citi.


In his previous work as a Principal Product Manager, Clement personally shipped 10 multimillion dollar B2B software products and dozens of smaller products within five years at multiple startups. His contributions at Blend helped the startup to swiftly grow from a Series C startup worth $500M to a Series G startup worth $3.3B, leading to an IPO in 2021.


His focus areas included launching Blend’s Home Equity products and Personal Loans products, shipping key enhancements for Blend’s Auto Loans and Credit Cards products, and fully revamping its Lender Workspace serving 10,000’s of loan officers each week. These products enabled financial institutions to succeed in growing top-line volume while driving bottom-line efficiencies. The secret sauce: pairing best-in-class borrower & lender user experiences with robust configurability and integrations, enabling every financial institution to authentically express their brand and delight customers while maintaining the highest standards in compliance and security.


Drawing on his deep experience, Clement has also written 150+ product management best practice essays and has been a featured speaker and writer for 100+ organizations including Mixpanel, Gainsight, Coda, Appcues, Mind the Product, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, York, and UChicago. His publications have been read 3+ million times all over the world, and he’s authored 4 books on product management. His thoughtful approach to product management has garnered an audience of 35,000+ followers on LinkedIn.


Clement's contributions to the product management literature have empowered PM professionals of all backgrounds to further hone their abilities - ranging from Heads of Product to aspiring product managers. His content pairs scalable frameworks with firsthand experiences, enabling his audience to immediately apply their newfound learnings to real-world situations at work. Clement has covered a variety of topics in product, including: product vision, product strategy, product philosophy, roadmapping, data analytics, user research, product ops, integrations, configurability, launches and releases, lean/agile, remote work, prioritization, time management, stakeholder management, executive influence, distribution models, go-to-market, professional development, and mentorship.


For his work in product management, Clement has won multiple honors including the Alpha Product Management Leader Award, the Gainsight Ones to Watch in Product-Led Growth Award, the Scale Higher Top Product Coach Award, and the Amplitude Product 50 Influencer Award.


Virtual Speaking Engagements, only.
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