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Claire Lomas

Claire Lomas became a paraplegic as a result of a riding accident in 2007.

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Overcoming Adversity
Claire Lomas

Claire Lomas became a paraplegic as a result of a riding accident in 2007.


Claire speaks about the split second that changed her life, and candidly describes the darkest times. This is combined with humour which has helped Claire get through some embarrassing moments that her injury has caused. The audience go through the extreme roller-coaster of emotions with Claire; they cry, they laugh and they admire. She demonstrate the robotic suit, and you could hear a pin can drop as everyone is fascinated by the pioneering technology. As they watch it ‘walk’ across the room, people are in awe that she managed 26.2 miles in the streets of London when she can’t even feel the ground beneath her.


Claire talks about the gradual process of turning her situation around, and surprisingly how the five best days of her life have all been after her devastating injury. She describes the turning point which was when she stopped thinking of everything she could no longer do, and instead the many things she could still do. Claire challenges her audience to raise their sights, make their own luck by taking opportunities and be the best they can be.


People leave the room believing in themselves, inspired and hugely motivated. When faced with challenges in their own lives, Claire’s words stick in their mind “Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t - you are right”. Claire can adapt her talk so the delegates get the most from it as possible.


  • Finding my feet, Finding my feet is the moving true story of how one determined, courageous young woman had to fight through the darkest days to go and have the best days of her life.
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