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Zain Verjee

Journalist and former anchor at CNN

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Zain Verjee

Journalist and former anchor at CNN


Zain Verjee is a journalist who was born and raised in Kenya. 

Zain joined CNN in 2000, prior to which she was a news reader on Kenya Television Network in Nairobi. She has covered major world events such as the September 11 attacks, the War in Iraq, the War in Afghanistan, the conflict in the Middle East, the trial of former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milošević, the post-election violence in Kenya in 2008, and the Westgate Mall terror Attack in Kenya in 2013. 

As the State Department Correspondent covering Condoleezza Rice, Zain travelled the world covering US foreign policy. Among her many trips she covered the historic trip Rice took to Libya, and was a lead reporter covering the fall of Moammar Gadhafi.

She also reported on African feature stories for the weekly program "Inside Africa", which offers an in-depth look into lifestyle on the continent.

Key people Zain has interviewed in her career include Condoleeza Rice, Robin Wright, Laura Bush, Uhuru Kenyatta, President John Mahama, Kofi Annan, Mahathir Mohamed, Graca Machel, Tony Blair, Cherie Blair, Angelina Jolie, and Lenny Kravitz.

Zain now runs her own Africa focused production company, and is passionate about capturing the new narrative of Africa from authentically African voices. She is currently building aKoma, a storytelling and content platform for Africa which will launch in 2016. The aKoma team is building a base of content creators at www.akomanet.com. 

Zain spent 14 years at CNN as an anchor and correspondent, living in Atlanta, Washington DC and London. Prior to leaving CNN in April 2014, she was the anchor of CNN International's European daytime program "World One". She worked as a newsreader for The Situation Room, as a State Department correspondent, and as a co-anchor of CNN International's Your World Today with Jim Clancy.

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