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Rachel Gotto

Best Selling Author

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Best Selling Author
Top Ranked Coach and Mentor
Transforming Hypnotherapist
Rachel Gotto

Best Selling Author


When you first meet Rachel, you immediately gain a sense of her strength, her good humour and her deeply held zest for life. Looking at her today, it’s difficult to envisage that she has been taken to so many dark and deeply challenging places.


Having overcome repeated trauma, Rachel speaks of the strategies she had to develop to, not only stay alive, but also to transform her life from a mere elemental existence into a thriving personal and professional life.


Her story moves through the loss of her closest brother to cancer at the tender age of 28, to a year later losing her husband of only 8 months to drowning, while she was 6 months pregnant with their first child, and onto a brain tumour diagnosis that was life limiting. 15 hours of neurosurgery surgery left her paralysed and helpless, and, as if things couldn’t possibly have got any worse, she was forced to undertake a 2.5-year inhumane battle to rid herself of prescription drug dependency.


Rachel has single handed triumphed over some of the most arduous human experiences possible and now gives back through her extraordinary work. Her message is inspirational in the genuine sense of the word.


She is not afraid to share the truth about raw human experiences, and her presentations are thought-provoking and inspiring. Her story is rooted in a lived experience so challenging that it’s difficult to imagine how she could have emerged this whole.

Her mission is to encourage her audience to begin to think differently about their own circumstances. She encourages people to bet on their own strength to ensure a new path to personal success and joy.

Her promise is that having attended one of her presentations the audience will leave changed in some way.


Rachel specialises in.

Neuroplasticity: Cultivating your mind power

Overcoming challenge

Staying motivated

Owning your own brilliance

Taming the inner critic

The art of becoming brave

Becoming tenacious

What to do when it all looks so hopeless

Creating unbelievable self-confidence

Learning to thrive again after loss

Overcoming anxiety

Emotional self-care: It’s a necessity, not a luxury

Learning to trust your gut instincts


Audiences are typically composed of leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers. Curious people who care about themselves and their workforce, who are invested in other people's lives. People who understand that new material, new ideas and new ways of doing things are what keeps people motivated. People who think outside of the box.


If you have a specific theme in mind please do not hesitate to mention it. Rachel is very happy to tailor her presentations to your individual needs.


Many of Rachel’s presentations can be offered in a workshop format.

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