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Professor Peter Cochrane

Professor, Polymath, Technologist, Entrepreneur and Ex CTO at BT

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AI, Robotics and Automation
The Security Challenge and Auto Immunity
Globalisation Cannot be Stopped or Reversed
Professor Peter Cochrane

Professor, Polymath, Technologist, Entrepreneur and Ex CTO at BT


Peter Cochrane possesses decades of experience in industry and academia as an innovator, senior manager and change agent. Renowned for his pioneering works and out of the box thinking, Cochrane has resisted specialisation in favour of a more holistic approach to continually ‘join the dots’ between technology driven advances, company and society needs, and the challenges faced by individuals and organisations.

Cochrane’s involvement in the tech sector spans telecoms, computing, security, materials, manufacturing, logistics, banking, energy, defence, healthcare including the development and deployment of Sensors, AI, Big Data, Small Data, The Cloud, Analytics and Auto-Immunity et al. Cochrane is currently engaged as an advisor by the Qatar Computing Research Institute, The MoD and Chorus New Zealand.

In the start up sector Cochrane was a founding board member at eBookers and the lead investor in Shazam Entertainment. He also assisted in the launch and funding of a further 25 start-ups from 1998 through to 2012.

As a professional manager Cochrane has managed manufacturing plants and created R&D and consultancy teams up to 1000 strong.  In his role as a consultant he has worked for major corporations and government departments including Cisco, Rolls Royce, Ford, CSC, Ernst Young, HSBC, The MoD (UK) and The DoD (USA) et al. 

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