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Maushami Chetty

Maushami Chetty is an inspirational speaker, attorney and social activist

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Maushami Chetty

Maushami Chetty is an inspirational speaker, attorney and social activist


Maushami has a unique story spanning the world of business and the world of adventure cycling and social activism. She has worked as a corporate attorney at one of South Africa’s top 5 law firms as well as a human rights lawyer at an international level.  She completed her LLB at the University of the Witwatersrand, her LLM at the University of Pretoria and a diploma in Humanitarian law from the Abo Academy in Finland. She has delivered talks in Asia and Europe.  Disenchanted with how slowly the wheels of justice turn she started a grassroots humanitarian project based in India in order to improve the sanitation and water quality in a group of villages. To raise funds for this project she and her three team mates undertook a mammoth journey of almost 10 000kms from Germany to India by bicycle. A novice cyclist, the journey taught her lessons about perseverance, overcoming mental barriers and embracing life outside of one’s comfort zone.

Maushami Chetty is an inspirational speaker, attorney and social activist.  She is an animated, energetic and captivating speaker with the ability to engage universally with her audience across age, social and professional divides.  She is part of a new wave of speakers who emphasize living life fully and breathing enthusiasm into every task.

Combining anecdotes from her journey with lessons from the business world she is able to take bland truths and invest them with life in such a way that they truly connect with the audience.  She then provides incremental steps towards attaining results.  The bottom line is allowing ordinary people to connect with their innate extraordinariness.


“Heartfelt and genuine, I truly identified...” Vandana Hurrichurran (ABSA) February 2013

“I thoroughly enjoyed Maushami’s talk at our Career Network forum about Personal Branding.    Her presentation was uplifting, entertaining and enlightening.  She was to the point and focused on the topic on hand.  Her use of humour and her own life experiences to draw the audience to the message was great.  She kept the audience engaged and enthralled!” – Trishna Juta (Standard Bank), March 2013

“(Her) intellect, passion and energy are woven into a beautiful fabric which I feel grateful to have experienced. – Timothy Maurice Webster (Author, Speaker and brand strategist, co-panellist at Standard Bank Career Network), March 2013

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