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Mark Mellett

Vice Admiral (Rtd) Mark Mellett FORMER CHIEF OF DEFENCE

Specialist Subjects
Technological Innovation
Climate Change
Renewable Energy
Ecosystems Governance
Security to lead the ‘Green Agenda’
Mark Mellett

Vice Admiral (Rtd) Mark Mellett FORMER CHIEF OF DEFENCE


Vice Admiral Mellett served his country for forty-eight years bringing vast experience to his role as Ireland’s highest ranking military officer, the Government’s principal military adviser and National Security Committee member. The longest serving Irish Chief of Defence in over 50 years he also served as Deputy Chief of Defence and head of Navy prior to that. As a specialist Naval Diving Officer and Commanding Officer of three seagoing commands, Admiral Mellett participated in and led counter terrorism and narcotic operations. He led the Military response to the COVID-19 pandemic setting a desired end state for a ‘better’ normal for society. He is one of only two recipients in the history of the Irish State of two Distinguished Service Medals (DSM) with honour & distinction.


As a member of the Irish Public Service Leadership Board, he added to work-streams to deliver stronger leadership, institutionalising values, better governance, greater innovation, improved internal and external diversity and partnerships while promoting gender equality, mental health and well-being. 


Admiral Mellett uses his strong academic credentials, deep knowledge and research interests in technological innovation, climate change, renewable energy, ecosystems governance, sustainability and security to lead the ‘Green Agenda’ influencing strategic policy towards net zero or negative carbon emissions building on the SDGs. A Lifetime Fellow and Council Member of the Irish Management Institute and a Fellow of the Nautical Institute he is Advisory Council Chair of the Azure Forum for Contemporary Security Strategy. He holds a Doctorate and a Masters in Political Science, Government and Public Policy specialising in Governance and Sustainable Development. He is an Adjunct Professor of Law in UCC and was the distinguished top graduate of each of his senior command and staff courses at the US Naval War College, the Irish Military College and the UK Royal Naval College.


On retirement from the Defence Forces he established his own company ‘Green Compass’ specialising in ESG, providing foresight and strategic advice to government, developers, the renewable energy and related sectors in climate security and sustainability.

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