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Makheni Zonneveld

Founder Real Solutions Training

Price Range
€10001 - €20000
Specialist Subjects
Diversity Competency - beyond Multiculturalism
Organisational Transformation - beyond the current hypes
Neurodiversity and your organisation / team
Corporate Culture
Makheni Zonneveld

Founder Real Solutions Training


Makheni, the Netherlands based diversity and transformation specialist, accompanies organisations, teams and individuals on their journey from good to great. She will help you to transform your organisation, one team and a time and transform your teams one mind-set at a time. 

Her effective approach to inclusion is based on understanding the psychology of exclusion and moving forward together as an inclusive team. She developed her diversity competency program, Beyond Multiculturalism, while she still lived and worked in her native country, SA. This positive message is becoming more and more relevant as the world becomes more and more polarised. 

Her thought-provoking approach to real organisational transformation helps leaders at all levels to focus on what really works and understand what drives the popular hypes that hamper real transformation. She puts the two together in a light-hearted manner in her latest book: ‘The Intersection – Where Storytelling, Leadership and Diversity competency meet’.

This international speaker is rated as one of the top 6 speakers in SA. She got this accolade because apart from her unique engaging presentation style, she is a content speaker. Her content is based on her real life experience in the corporate sector at different levels including reporting to a CEO. That explains why her Present Better Masterclass is a hit!

Makheni is the founder of Real Solutions Training in SA (1999) and later and Real Solutions Training Netherlands. She is a people developer and the communication tools that she employs are keynote addresses, training, coaching, storytelling and writing. She is also a Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI®) Master Practitioner and co-owns the Dutch agency of this international method.

Among other achievements in the past two decades, she was nominated for the Woman of the year award in 2005. In 2013 and 2014 she received two awards recognising her commitment to the advancement of creativity and innovation globally. 

She says. "There are no substitutes for Integrity, Authenticity, Diligence, Experience, Humility and Excellence” 

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