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Jenn Lim

CEO & Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness

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Tony Hsieh and Zappos
Jenn Lim

CEO & Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness


Jenn Lim is the CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness, a company she and Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos.com) co-founded to inspire science-based happiness, passion and purpose at work, home and everyday life.

Lim has been a consultant at Zappos since it was founded in 2003 to the $2B business it is today. Since 2009, Zappos has been on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list and has been bought by Amazon in a deal valued at $1.2 billion on the day of closing. One of her creations, the Zappos Culture Book, has become a global symbol of how companies can use happiness as a business model to increase productivity and profitability.

In 2010, Lim led the launch and management of Tony’s first book, Delivering Happiness, which has sold over 460,000 copies worldwide and hit #1 on bestsellers lists like the New York Times and USA Today.

Delivering Happiness has evolved from a book to a bus tour, and now a company and global happiness movement represented by people from 110 countries.  Today, Lim is dedicated to growing the Delivering Happiness movement so we can all pay happiness forward – knowing if we create happier companies/communities/cities, we can make this a happier world.

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