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Leading Futurist

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Ian Pearson

Leading Futurist


Dr Ian Pearson is a leading futurist and has written several books and appeared over 450 times on TV and radio.

Pearson identifies and explains the key changes ahead in every sector of business and society that will arise as a result of rapidly changing technology, without use of jargon. He has a strong engineering background and uses that to interpret current R&D and drive his views on how fast things in each sector will change in the next 15 years. He explains often complex technological developments using ordinary everyday language, and shows why they are relevant to executives, in a provocative and entertaining style.

Pearson graduated in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics from Queens University, Belfast. After four years in missile design, he joined BT where he worked in numerous IT fields from performance analysis to cybernetics, looking at all parts of fixed and mobile systems with numerous inventions. From 1991 until 2007, he doubled as BT’s Futurologist, tracking and predicting new developments throughout information technology, considering both technological and social implications. He is a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society, the World Academy of Art and Science, the Royal Society of Arts, the Institute of Nanotechnology and the World Innovation Foundation.  In 2007 was awarded a Doctor of Science degree by the University of Westminster.

He is involved mainly in consultancy, writing, PR and conference presentations, and gets involved frequently in the media. He is proficient in most aspects of the future, across almost every sector.

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