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Hannah Coen & Jana Osta

Hannah Coen & Jana Osta: The Inside Job

Specialist Subjects
1. Connect
2. Ignite
3. Embody
4. Transform
5. Unite
Hannah Coen & Jana Osta

Hannah Coen & Jana Osta: The Inside Job


Hannah and Jana work together to bring a synergy that is evident in the way they complement each other's strengths and skills. They have a natural ability to collaborate, communicate effectively, and leverage their individual expertise to enhance the experience of leading workshops.


Jana brings her creative vision, strategic thinking, and ability to design impactful experiences. She has a keen eye for detail and excels in crafting engaging content and activities that resonate with participants. Jana's innovative approach and knack for capturing the essence of a topic add depth and richness to the workshop experience.


On the other hand, Hannah brings her dynamic energy, strong facilitation skills, and exceptional interpersonal abilities. She has a natural talent for connecting with participants, creating a safe and inclusive environment, and fostering meaningful interactions. Hannah's enthusiasm and charisma inject a sense of excitement and inspiration into the workshop, making it an engaging and transformative experience for attendees.


Their synergy enhances participant engagement, fosters deeper learning, and amplifies the overall impact of the workshops they lead.


What to expect:


Engaging Workshops that ignite transformation and allow participants to embark on a transformative journey through experiential experiences.


All workshops are carefully crafted to be 90 to 120 minutes long and engage the mind, body, and spirit to create a profound impact and facilitate positive change within each individual.


Each workshop follows The Inside Job Model, built upon five powerful pillars:

  1. Connect: Every journey begins with a profound spark of connection — to oneself and to others.
  2. Ignite: A newfound awareness holds the potential to ignite remarkable and lasting change.
  3. Embody: Recognizing that we are energy bodies constantly in motion, we embrace movement as a catalyst for growth.
  4. Transform: Through a shift in mindset, we unlock the door to lifelong transformation.
  5. Unite: Together, we weave a tapestry of wholeness and completeness, celebrating the power of collective growth.


Topics suggestions:

  • Elevate and Lead: Harnessing Conscious Leadership to Empower High-Performing Teams
  • Empowered and Unstoppable: Conquering Your Confidence for Career Success
  • Unleash Your Inner Peace: Breaking Free from the Chains of Workplace Stress for Optimal Performance
  • Workplace Mindfulness: Embracing the Power of Now for Enhanced Focus and Success
  • Reignite Your Spark: Unleashing your Inner Child for Workplace Success
  • The Ritual Revolution: Transform Your Workplace with Healthy Habits for Peak Performance
  • Heart-Centred Success: Nurturing Self-Love, Compassion, and Gratitude in the Workplace
  • Unleash Your Potential: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs for Career Mastery
  • Design Your Path to Success: Empowering Your Career Journey through Vision Boards
  • We also customise Conscious Leadership Workshops/Retreats


Topics Hannah Coen Covers:


  • Believe to Achieve: Unleashing the Power of Self-Belief for Extraordinary Success
  • Your Inner Potential: Tapping into the Subconscious for Personal Fulfilment
  • The Path to Self-Love: Embracing Your Inner Light and Beauty
  • Harmony Within: Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies for Personal Empowerment and Burnout Prevention
  • The Breath of Life: Empowering Wellness and Inner Balance with Pranayama
  • Awakening Body, Mind, and Spirit: The Profound Impact of Yoga
  • 1-1 Coaching and Hypnotherapy


Topics Jana Osta Covers:


  • Conquering Workplace Stress and Anxiety
  • Rediscovering Your Path: Nurturing Life Purpose and Self-Connection
  • Embracing Your Potential: Building Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Cultivating Mindful Living: Mastering Healthy Habits
  • Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation for Relaxation, Calmness, and Releasing Blocks
  • Mindset Matters: The Power of Meditation
  • 1-1 Hypnotherapy Sessions: Quit Smoking / Release Stress & Anxiety / Connect to Your Purpose and Build Confidence
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