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Ade McCormack

Disruption, Transformation and Innovation Expert

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Cognitive Management in the Workforce
Importance of Data Capital
Customer Value
The Digital Age
Ade McCormack

Disruption, Transformation and Innovation Expert


Ade McCormack combines deep insights into what is driving the need for personal, organisational and societal transformation with the ability to relate it in a manner that both leaders and their people can act upon. His work has taken him to 40 countries working with the world’s most recognised brands across many sectors. He is a former Financial Times columnist on digital leadership, has lectured at MIT Sloan School of Management on that theme and today works with the University of Cambridge at the sharp end of executive education. Ade is also a strategic advisor in both the public and private sector. He has written six books on digital matters and has a ‘bits to boardroom’ understanding of the issues, given his past life as a technologist (IT and astrophysics). Ade has been referred to as ‘an inspiring slap in the face’ for his ability to convey the true extent of the challenges that we all face coupled with a way forward that will ultimately liberate us. The problem he addresses is that many organisations are in a tailspin because their business model was not designed for the growing uncertainty and volatility. Some leaders are in denial and some think that the digitalisation of their anachronistic model will somehow save them. Ade will make them acutely aware of the scope of the problem they are facing and how holding their breath and hoping the world will return to normal shortly will not cut it. He will highlight the implications in relation to a variety of areas including leadership, risk, innovation, talent, business models and strategic planning (RIP). He will then introduce them to the concept of super-resilience and how to build what in effect is a people-centric situationally aware ‘living organism’. In order to capture the attention of the audience, Ade draws upon a variety of disciplines, including strategy, IT, neuroscience, anthropology, biology and human performance. He uses very memorable soundbites and memes to maximise audience resonance and retention. Ade storifies his keynotes and thus they play out like a compelling drama where your audience is the hero. There is even a love interest! And there is quite a twist at the end when the antagonist’s true role is revealed. Your audience can expect to leave profoundly moved, enlightened and inspired. Ade’s keynote will reset the bar in respect of subsequent conversations within your organisation / throughout your event. Testimonials: “We wanted someone who would engage our leadership differently, make them think along new lines, stretch their ideas, perhaps make some uncomfortable but above all consider our future in a new light. Ade did this brilliantly.” Helen MacPhee VP Finance Astra Zeneca “Ade has a fantastic presentation style. I would highly recommend Ade as a motivational speaker and thought leader.” Hannah Bertolone Programme Leader Oracle “…Even by video conference, Ade kept the audience captive with lots of note taking and it also provoked a lot of discussion after the event. One of the most compelling keynote speakers that we have had in the MED region.” Joanne Jones EMEIA Operations EY “Ade recently supported our annual conference with a keynote presentation and participation on a panel discussion. As always Ade delivered a compelling, insightful session which landed exceptionally well with our audience. Thanks Ade” Gareth Vale Marketing Director Manpower


Short Bio: Ade McCormack combines deep insights into what is driving the need for personal, organisational and societal transformation with the ability to relate it in a manner that both leaders and their people can act upon.


  • The IT Value Stack: A Boardroom Guide to IT Leadership (Wiley and Co)
  • The E-Skills Manifesto – A Call to Arms (European Commission)
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